Wednesday, April 2, 2008


"It seems that NBC prez Ben Silverman is still invested in the series that put him in the map: The Peacock net has ordered an Office spinoff, set to premiere this winter in the 9:30 slot after the original series. wonder they didn't have room for Scrubs (which, by the way, is entirely MIA from NBC's new schedules for 2008-09). According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series would launch as an episode of the original U.S. Office, and then go out on its own.

We're working on answering these burning questions:

• Would any of The Office writers (Greg Daniels, Mike Schur, Paul Lieberstein) move over to the new series? • Would it be a Dunder-Mifflin branch elsewhere in the Rust Belt or maybe a whole new industry in a whole new place? • Would the new series poach any cast faves from The Office? (Keep your paws off Stanley!) • Who will be our new Pam and Jim? • Any chance this is too much of a good thing, like those hour-long installments of The Office earlier this year? Or is this another great element of Comedy Night Done Right?"


Why? This is the problem with TV today. Or more so Entertainment. They have a great Idea Then they decide that they are going to make more of something just to make money. I love "The Office- An American Workplace" just as much as "The Office." But if you take away any part of the ensemble then the rest just fall flat. And if they start a whole new industry or company can we take another Michael Scott or David Brent for that matter? Are we gonna have another Tim/Jim, Dawn/Pam type thing going on? What about Gareth or Dwight? It may be funny but the greed of these people. What ever happened to letting things end while they still have some dignity? I would have suggested that "The Office- AAW." should have ended after the third season. As much as I love it I don't want to get tired of it. They should have done three seasons and then like the original series have a Christmas Special or something to tie up the loose ends. That is why the British have much better television. They don't overkill. People start losing interest after the third season usually. And in some cases the writing loses some of the spark that helped a series become great. I see this happening with The Office. The storylines are starting to become strained. This is also happening in other series currently on. ER- How many times can your Emergency Room explode. Come on already end it, you have no dignity left. 24- I used to love watching 24 but the series is the same thing every season. Then there are shows killed before their time. Arrested Development is one that comes to mind. It had the opportunity to be brilliant for a couple more seasons. Firefly- Who knows how great this show could have been. I am not saying that I won't watch a spin-off of The Office, but I will be very skeptical of it.


Mike said...

Working in an office you start to realize that there are thousands of people who are absolutely insane. It will be fun to see a whole new office of complete insane misfits. They could always come to my work, they could just start taping.
On a casting note Im sure Dwight will be the Stolen one as he is the only character that could hold the two shows together as spin offs.

The Handy
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Evan said...

Yeah but I am afraid that it will make the other stale. If they use the same writers. both shows could suffer.

Tyler said...

Do spinoffs ever work?

i.e. Becker, the numerous Seinfeld spinoffs, Joey, shall I go on?

I think the hardest thing for people is to know when to say enough. Michael Jordan didn't know how to do it, FOX ends things too early, and Land Before Time just goes on and on! Like Jerry told George, "You gotta leave 'em wanting more."

Mike said...

I agree different writers are a must, I thought and thought and thought. . . no successful spin offs come to mind. Im sure there is one.

constantin said...

Frasier was a spin off...that was pretty successful

Evan said...

Always forget Frasier is a spin-off. Love that show but have never seen cheers.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you've never seen Cheers? Only one of the best sit-coms ever. But I agree with you about allowing shows to go too long - Cheers went on too long. Should have ended way sooner than it did.

However, I still watch ER after 97 seasons. What can I say.

constantin said...

also, let us not forget that "the parkers" was a spin off of "moesha".....again, both highly successful