Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jeff Mathis The Great...........

I worked today so I didn't get to see the Angels play. So I went to Yahoo to look at the box score. See if you notice anything.

Top 7th: LA Angels
- J. Mathis homered to deep left, J. Rivera scored

Top 3rd: LA Angels
- J. Mathis doubled to right center, J. Mathis and E. Aybar scored

Top 5th: LA Angels
- J. Mathis doubled to deep right, V. Guerrero scored, G. Anderson to third
- J. Mathis singled to left, G. Anderson scored, H. Kendrick to third

Top 6th: LA Angels
- J. Mathis singled to center, J. Mathis scored, E. Aybar to second
- J. Mathis singled to center, C. Figgins and E. Aybar scored

Bot 6th: Seattle
- J. Mathis singled to right, J. Lopez scored, R. Sexson to third, J. Vidro to second
- J. Mathis grounded out to shortstop, R. Sexson scored, J. Vidro to third, G. Norton to second

Top 7th: LA Angels
- J. Mathis reached on fielder's choice, M. Izturis scored
- J. Mathis homered to deep left, J. Rivera scored

I mean I think Mathis is a good catcher but wow. According to this he had 6 hits for the Angels today. And 1 hit for the Mariners. But the best part is in the top of the 6th when Mathis singled to center and on the same play Mathis scored but Aybar only got to second. Wow Great Game Jeff Mathis!!


Tyler Brown said...

Too bad nobody has him in fantasy baseball -- which by the way, I beat you this week after being down early in the week like 15-3. I'm not sure if it was a great comeback or a great collapse, but I'll take it either way.

tyler brown said...

also, Howie Kendrick had -1 singles for me and 4 doubles, having gone 3 for 4 in the game. Go figure.

Mike said...

Im not sure that was writen in english... I think but then agian baseball not my sport. What is a fielders choice and how would he score for the mariners?

Evan said...

A fielders choice is when instead of getting the batter out they decide to try to get a lead runner out instead. It looks the same as getting out on the box score except you reach base safely. It is funny bacause yahoo made an error and still hasn't fixed it. He can't score for the other team. It just be funny. Tyler I think it was a little of both. Me collapsing and your team getting better over the week. Howie hurt himself again. Hamstring I think.