Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ducks, and The Real LA Team

I did not win my bid for the tickets so i will be watching the old fashioned way. which is really the new fashioned way because tv are newer than going to games.
Also how 'bout them ANGELS they spanked the doggers in a three game series over the weekend. I mean the doggers didn't even show up to play. and then after it was all over Kent was all whining and crying like he usually does. (no wonder no one likes him) . WILLITS FOR ROY MVP

Here Come The Finals?

The ducks play tonight in Anaheim. it will be game 6 of the western conference finals. the ducks lead 3-2 after their great come from behind win in detroit sunday. The game starts at 6 local time and will be on VERSUS. I am very anxious for the game. If they win it will be the second time in four years they have made it to the finals. And the Senators look beatable. Right now while i am writing this I am watching to see if my bid holds up to go to the game tonight. It has under thirty minutes left. I will post again when it ends.

Monday, May 14, 2007


i know i have not posted in a couple weeks. but i am here now. so how 'bout the office this week. i loved the randomness of the whole group singing "the Gambler" and then the flinstones song at the end. ryan(the temp) was really getting into it. also watching heroes this week. that show rocks. i hate having to wait a whole week in between episode and next week is the season finale so it will be months until a new episode.
Maybe i am weird but i really like the character of SYLAR. he has a dry, dark humor about his character.