Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anytime You See This Headline You Just Gotta Be Happy..............

Perry Likely to Play in Game 4

Especially when he is your teams leading goal getter. Now I am really excited for tonights game. With Perry in the lineup and Robbie Nieds still out the lines should be I think.


With Prongs and Scotty paired up. Also anytime you have players the calliber of Weight and Bert on the fourth line. Look Out.


Evan said...

Sigh. That was horrible.

Mike said...

WOW. . . they just dont want this, Im not a huge dallas fan but they have earned this series.

on another note Im pissed at Detroit right now, I dont want the preds in the playoffs at all. Im not sure how they are even in it, lost to every suckie team I could think of.

Evan said...

I know, all of the top seeded teams in the west are struggling. Maybe it just shows how much better the west is because 1-8 is pretty strong. Except the Ducks. Gee whiz. They are being outplayed mightily. I am just afraid if they don't win that Scotty and Selanne will hang em up for good. Cause they are a huge part of the team.